CMR Monitoring, Support and Evaluation Mechanism


CRIMSON is a EU overarching project that coordinates and connects all CMR components. Established in 2011, CRIMSON is now in its second phase, with a strengthened focus on increasing coordination, coherence and complementarities among CMR projects, as well as other European and international maritime security initiatives.

In addition to monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities, CRIMSON works to enhance the visibility of CMR components, highlighting their impact on the ground. To achieve this goal, CRIMSON has developed a range of products, including a new CMR website, a CMR video, short animated films and a CMR dashboard.

The project also has an ‘expert analysis’ role and provides analytical inputs to the CMR programme. As such, CRIMSON produces briefs and analysis on emerging trends, threats and policy shifts in key areas along the critical maritime routes.

CRIMSON I (2011-2014) was implemented by the Défense Conseil International (DCI).

The second phase of the project (CRIMSON II, 2015-2019) was managed by the Royal United Services Institutes (RUSI). RUSI is currently implementing also the third phase of CRIMSON that will last until January 2024.