The Critical Maritime Routes Programme is currently implemented in 40 countries in the Gulf of Guinea, Western Indian Ocean and Wider Indian Ocean.

The Critical Maritime Routes Programme is composed of six projects. Three of these projects -CRIMARIO, GoGIN, CRIMSON- are still running and three are finished -CRIMGO, CRIMLEA and MARSIC.


CMR Indian Ocean


Law enforcement capacity building in East Africa


Gulf of Guinea Inter-regional Network


CMR Monitoring, Support and Evaluation Mechanism


CMR Gulf of Guinea
2013/2016 – finished


CMR Western Indian Ocean
2010/2015 – finished

EU Financing

The Critical Maritime Routes Programme is financed by the European Union for an amount of 31.9 million euros over a period of 11 years.

The following chart shows the budget distribution of the Critical Maritime Routes Programme per project:

  • CRIMARIO - 5,5 M. Euro - 17%
  • CRIMLEA - 3,6 M. Euro - 12%
  • GoGIN - 9.3 M. Euro - 29%
  • CRIMSON - 3 M. Euro - 9%
  • CRIMGO - 4,5 M. Euro - 14%
  • MARSIC - 6 M. Euro - 19%

Non CMR associated programmes

Related, although not part of the CMR, five other projects and programmes sponsored by the EU or other international organisations, which share similar general objectives of the CMR have been identified.

These projects and programmes are:

  1. MASE, the regional Maritime Security Programme
  2. EUCAP Nestor, a civilian Common Security and Defense Policy -CSDP- operation supported by military expertise
  3. SMTS, the Support to the Maritime Transport Sector
  4. Operation ATALANTA, launched whithin the framework of the EU Common Security and Defense Policy -CSDP-
  5. PMAR, The Piracy, Maritime Awareness & Risks research carried out by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre

Click here  to discover the five non-CMR projects and programmes

National AIS Network

Implementation of AIS coastal network in Kenya, with provision of server, transponders, antenna and web accessible core software to complement and enhance the existing coastal surveillance network and interagency cooperation.


Regional AIS Server

Provision and support for a regional AIS server which will serve as the primary system for collecting, distributing, storing, and visualizing AIS data from the participating regional national AIS systems, subject to sharing agreements.



Expansion of existing VoIP network provided by MARSIC project; the provision will include additional equipment, maintenance and support for free voice call facility for each regional country to communicate between nominated maritime centers.


Knowledge Platform

Implementation and management of a web-based platform, offering watch, wiki, discussion forum and presentation of project activities.