This report presents the findings of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities conducted in 2018 by the CRIMSON II project in relation to the CMR Programme. It is the first study of its kind to assess the performance of CMR projects to date, and to evaluate these projects’ complementarity with wider maritime security initiatives. The report has a number of key objectives. First, it aims to provide an overview of EU and other stakeholders’ involvement in three key regions (the Gulf of Guinea, Indian Ocean and South-East Asia), by mapping past, present and planned maritime security initiatives across them. Second, the report presents the results of M&E activities conducted in 2018 across CMR projects. Finally, it provides recommendations on strengthening coordination and coherence among maritime security initiatives at a regional and trans-regional level, and on the design of future projects.

The report was created along with datasheet containing a comprehensive list of past, present and planned maritime security initiatives in the regions under consideration. For each initiative, the datasheet presents information on timeline, budget, funding mechanisms and implementing partners. The datasheet also provides a list of the regional mechanisms, forums and diplomatic actions run by the EU and its main partners in each location. This is a living document that hopefully will be periodically fed by stakeholders and partners in order to improve clarity and coordination among the numerous maritime security actions in the three regions.

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