From November 3 to 10, the European Union, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, France and the United States conducted African NEMO, the Navy’s Exercise for Maritime Operation in the Gulf of Guinea. The EU project Gulf of Guinea Inter-regional Network (GoGIN) acted as a partner in the operation, along with the marine forces of 14 countries which participated in the exercise. This exercise, one of the most important since 2013, focused on combatting piracy and illegal fishing, direct threats to the regional maritime trade and economic development. As a response, in 2013 the Economic Community of Central African State (ECCAS) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) respectively created two regional centres for maritime security, CRESMAO in Abidjan and CRESMAC in Yaoundé. African NEMO mobilised around 20 ships, five aircrafts and hundreds of security forces in a real time scenario and the participating countries hope the exercise to be repeated at least once a year.