The official launch of IORIS took place at the Eden Blue Hotel in Mahé, Seychelles, in the morning of 4 September. During the launch, CRIMARIO experts provided a thorough description and explanation of the creation, development and use of the IORIS platform.

Initiated by CRIMARIO, the new secure information sharing and incident management tool will enable member countries to set up a collaborative working environment to improve the understanding ot the maritime domain and coordinate operations when incidents at sea occur.It expresses the cooperative approach that has been developed by the European Union to address piracy and new maritime security challenges faced by Indian Ocean littoral states, such as drugs and arms trafficking, illegal fishing, environmental damages, etc.

During the event, stakeholders who already make use of the platform shared enthusiastic feedback on the tool. CRIMARIO team will continue to train centres and agencies involved and propose a set of draft policies initially recommended and agreed with the participants. Ultimately, however, the decision on all system and user policies will be agreed on a regional basis

In collaboration with CRIMSON, CRIMARIO in the afternoon of 4 September, to increase the visibility of the CMR Programme and clarify the role of CRIMARIO (as well as the other three active CMR projects) under the umbrella of the programme and in relation to the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP), the financial instrument behind the CMR Programme. Moreover, this workshop was intended to promote a positive narrative about CMR project’s efficiency, effectiveness and impact in the sub-region, as well as obtain inputs from stakeholders on their needs in relation to maritime security.

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